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An SDVOSB construction firm committed to improving our communities and the lives of all who live there.

Blue Cord Design & Construction is founded upon principles originating from both our military heritage, which instills strong ethics, dedication, and professionalism, as well as our commitment to providing our clients with the utmost in knowledge, skill, and at the best value for their projects. We emphasize a cohesive approach to every project, specifically with design-build and construction management delivery methods, offering our clients all the benefits of concentrated efforts.

Since 2010, we have completed many rewarding projects including new construction, additions, and renovations for medical buildings, patient waiting areas, sterile processing service labs, pharmacies, emergency/operating rooms, surgical centers, elevator installation, conference rooms, interior improvements, and vertical building expansions – and more. We excel at managing tight schedules while working safely and efficiently in occupied spaces, and our success in these pursuits is owed to our high standards in construction practices.

At Blue Cord, we actively build an innovative, inclusive, and diverse working culture where all views are welcomed and encouraged. We are passionate about building positive, long-term working relationships with our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues through teamwork, respect, open communication, and complete transparency.

Having served as a U.S. Army Infantry Captain during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and a combat wounded veteran himself, founder and CEO Michael T. Waldrop, Sr. has set out to create a community that leads the nation in creating jobs and business opportunities for area veterans. He has founded several non-profits that promote and unite businesses – established and startups alike – that are owned by veterans and disabled veterans throughout the State of Florida. In fact, Blue Cord employs veterans representing each of the five branches of the armed forces. His involvement and commitment to the veteran community is a testament to the sense of purpose felt by all Blue Cord employees.

It is a privilege to serve our clients, and we are fully committed to these partnerships. As always, Blue Cord remains dedicated to performing exceptional work safely, on time, at the highest value, and constantly striving to exceed our client’s expectations.

Delivery Methods

  • General Construction
  • Design-Build
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Construction Consulting
  • Project Development






Municipal / Public

Construction Service Clients

  • NASA
  • Orange County Convention Center
  • Orange County Government
  • Orlando VA Medical Center
  • Lake Nona VA Medical Center
  • James A. Haley Veterans Hospital
  • West Palm Beach VA Medical Center
  • Viera VA Outpatient Clinic
  • CW “Bill” Young VA Medical Center
  • Malcom Randall VA Medical Center
  • Miami VA Medical Center
  • Barry University
  • University of Central Florida
  • Orange County Public Schools
  • Lake City VA Medical Center
  • Cape Canaveral Air Force Station


Blue Cord has contributed to some of the most prominent and vital healthcare facilities in the nation that directly support our military veterans and their families. We thoroughly understand the trust that the Department of Veterans Affairs instills in the individuals they choose to work with and we are honored to be the first SDVOSB to successfully deliver a Community-Based Outpatient Clinic to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lake Nona Research Building, Orlando, FL

As Prime Contractor, Blue Cord is currently constructing a new research area at the Lake Nona VA Medical Center. This 22,000 SF vertical expansion is an addition to the second floor of the hospital’s SIMLearn building. General construction is occurring above and below occupied spaces (including erecting a superstructure), site preparation (excavation for new foundations, demolition and removal of the existing structure, parapets and roof, rooftop walls and mechanical elements, as well as M/E/P and fire protection elements. Our team is also responsible for installing new elevators and stairwells, offices, conference rooms and support spaces.
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Renovate Pharmacy to Meet USP800 Standards, Tampa, FL

Blue Cord was responsible for the 1,500 SF renovation of the main pharmacy on the James A. Haley VA campus to meet USP800 standards. Our team’s careful attention to infection control, which we consider on every project performed in a healthcare setting, worked hand in hand with the end goal of creating a safe, sterile work environment for hospital staff in compliance with USP800, a standard which serves to minimize the risk of exposure of hazardous materials to healthcare personnel, patients, and the environment. This approach started prior to construction when mapping and setting up barriers to isolate patients and staff from dust, debris, and construction hazards, and it continued through the planning of project turnover when coordinating a three-phase triple sterilization cleaning to ensure zero microorganisms were present within the compounding rooms. Due to effectiveness of the design and meeting the workflow of the pharmacy, the VA is considering using this project as the basis of design for all future VISN 8 pharmacies, which would require meeting USP 797/800 standards.

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Replace MRI Equipment, Lake City, FL

This design-build project required Blue Cord to renovate the existing MRI suite and deliver a new 3-ton MRI unit to the Lake City VA Medical Center. The existing 1.5-ton MRI unit was over 10 years old and no longer able to accommodate the increased flow of traffic and growing patient needs. The new MRI unit is better equipped to perform several different types of scans that are executed faster and with more accuracy. Blue Cord developed the project design, drawings, specifications, and design analysis. Despite many challenges, including unlevel flooring, delayed delivery dates, budget changes, and rerouting the power source, the project was still completed on-time and under budget. The renovated imaging room and MRI unit included numerous updates with the latest MRI technology, including audio and visual elements, faster scan times, and top-notch imaging to create a comforting environment for patients undergoing diagnostic tests.
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Renovate 7 West, Tampa, FL

The Blue Cord team upgraded the seventh floor’s West wing via design-build delivery. The design stages included preparing plans to provide the most efficient layout, based on required clinical functions (administrative, mechanical/electrical, and common areas). Additionally, the seventh floor West renovation included 1,500 SF for the Neurology Department (EKG, EMG, and two EEG rooms; a storage area and office space for the Chief of Neurology). We renovated the remaining space in the seventh-floor wing to function as Cardiology and airborne infection/isolation spaces. Renovations to the 7 West wing also included the addition of 15 speakers to the existing overhead paging system, 27 nurse call buttons for 12 patient rooms/restrooms and three exam rooms. A new headend was installed as well as two master stations at two nurse stations.
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